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Bitcoin Mining Supercomputers

Massive machines based on 3D 16nm FinFET ASICs are set to restore Bitcoin value and scale the blockchain for the future

BERLIN,  NOV 2014 – Bitcoin Brothers introduces Massive Super-Efficient Machines (MSEM) as the future computing platform of profitable Bitcoin Cloud Mining and blockchain transactions. The supercomputers at over 6 petahash each are built on the first 3D 16nm FinFET ASICs designed by – and exclusive to – Bitcoin Brothers.

“With the deployment of a large number of our supercomputers, we offer a true 2nd-generation alternative to stand-alone brick box mining hardware,” says Maik Welle, CEO of BitcoinBrothers in Berlin. “Miners are tired of the risk pre-paying, owning, and operating slow mega- and terahash devices with a limited use-live span, which they may not even receive in time – or at all – after pre-paying for them, or find them out of specifications when in operation. The disappointment in these 1st-gen tools and lack of alternative choices currently depresses the Bitcoin value.”

  • No more risk of buying and operating mining hardware
  • Offer pay-as-you-go flexible and inexpensive cloud mining
  • Any amount of giga-, tera-, and petahashes to lease
  • Miners retain full logical control of their operation and choice of pool
  • Each supercomputer has the power of 5,000 stand-alone 1st-gen bricks
  • Blockchain growth for the traffic expected with merchant and consumer adoption

MSEM supercomputers harvest all aspects of economies of scale. “From the outset, we designed all hardware and business strategy to scale massively,” so Mark Welle, Bitcoin Brothers COO and Co-Founder, “low-cost machine manufacturing, deployment, and ongoing operations are all laid out to benefit our customers, so at one-tenth of the cost of all competing offers, our MSEMs make mining attractive again for the $2 billion market opportunity Bitcoin mining presents in the next 2 years”.

Mark adds: “by pushing 300-400 petahash into the market quickly in Q1 2015, and growing our presence from there, we triple or quadruple the difficulty for a limited time, to achieve a new efficiency standard in mining and on the blockchain – however, in the end, we provide a new commodity level of blockchain operations to benefit everyone, including options to run Internet-of-Things authentication and their transactions on the blockchain.”


The company is coming out of stealth mode: MSEMs are based on revolutionary hardware. “For our customers it is of little significance how our supercomputers are built – but of course we realize there is great curiosity: our proprietary industrial ASIC design is extremely flexible,” answers Thomas J Ackermann, CTO at BitcoinBrothers.

  • Each 6-petahash MSEM contains 256,000 of our own 16nm FinFET Plus 3D ASICs
  • First 16nm ASIC in the Bitcoin world: 
outperforms 14nm chips in both computing power and low energy use
  • Scales up to Meta-MSEMs, in which 1.5 exahash are controlled from a single console

“To put our machines in perspective,” so CTO Ackermann, “while SHA256 integer calculations are hard to compare to floating point operations, on the common LINPACK Rpeak and Rmax benchmarks each of our MSEMs outperform the worlds‘ fastest supercomputers. If you compare hasher gates to cores, each MSEM has double the number of the 3.1 million cores in Tianhe-2, the No 1 on the PetaFLOP list: and comes at a fraction of the cost, the floor space and 1/20th of its 18 MegaWatt power draw. Our Bitcoin supercomputers with a quasi-opportunistic massively parallel computing model for job scheduling establish a new exascale class – well beyond FLOPS and MIPS.”

The raw power of Bitcoin Brothers supercomputers not only offers a new efficiency level for the blockchain, but being so much more powerful than the world’s fastest computers, makes the entire cryptocurrency market safe against brute-force hacking attacks. And continuing our technology leadership, by the time we will have deployed 1 exahash on the blockchain, these machines will likely be built on the 10nm ASIC level.


About Bitcoin Brothers

Bitcoin Brothers GmbH & Co KG ( provides computing services for Bitcoin Cloud Mining, which customers can rent in any quantity, beginning in Q1 2015. Based on its own ASICs, hardware, and supercomputers, the company also offers blockchain authentication and transaction services for Bitcoin priority processing – and other applications, such as for the Internet-of-Things.

Established in 2013 and based in Berlin, Germany, Bitcoin Brothers services a global customer base consisting of financial institutions, payment processors, merchants and retailers, as well as a multitude of B2B and B2C cloud mining customers.


Thomas J Ackermann, CTO and Public Relations
Press: +49-30-5557-9434



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