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We are an Adult Ice lolly company, which sells patented erotic shaped ice lollies at festivals and private events. To be more precise, we are the first ever company to commercialise the penis, breast and vagina shaped ice lollies. We stand for Healthy foods, fun and self-expression. Taste wise, we are still developing our range. We currently count 3 tastes, based on hand made juices. For a sweet flavour we have Mango with Apple and Coconut. For a bitter flavour we have Lime peel with Strawberries and Basil. For a sour touch we have Orange with Rosemary and Turmeric.

01 Wie kam es zu der Idee des Startups?  

It is a long answer but I will try to keep it short. Ideas like this come from a multitude of influences, but mostly they derive from a reflective process.

I was interested in what the future could look like. I saw either a completely liberated society or a conservative, misogynistic fascistic one. I choose to fight for an accepting, diverse future where one is free to express themselves. I can already see on the Pop scene, artists are becoming more and more explicit. Miley Cyrus for instance has gone to the extent of wearing a jockstrap dildo on stage. I feel like the millennial youth is tending to become more open to expressing their sexuality. For instance, young men and women today are more likely to be showing flesh online, talk about their intimate sex life to their friends and support the LGBTQ community. The young adults have gained an inspiring open-mindedness to sexuality however they face censorship on most popular online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

When I went to festivals, I could see my adult friends painting their faces, playing on swings and having ice lollies. I gradually also realised a lot of us, adults, stay in touch with our inner child but at the same time do adult things such as drink, take illegal substances and engage in sexual intercourse.

I thought I could create an ice lolly purely for adults, the lolly taste would bring the sensorial back to a part of their inner child but the adult shape puts them in a context of being now sexual beings. It was a fun idea and related to my first sociological refection on sexual expression.

After having done a bit or research and realising I could create a social movement out of it. I thought I had to try it out! I searched online for a manufacturer but it was nowhere to be found. I was the first to have come up with the idea! I had to start from scratch. So I did. I found a bit of investment and developed it and patented it in May 2016. The first year was a real trial and a best seller wherever I went.

Marc Poggia, Founder

02 die zukünftigen Pläne?

For this year, we will definitely be at a couple of festivals, private events and gay prides. I would love to also find the right location for an ice lolly shop which not only exhibits adult art but also is an awareness event space focusing on AIDS, as well as, breast and uterine cancer.

The next years, with the right investment, I hope to explore two new European countries and attend their major festivals. My overall mission is to have those lollies at all corners of the world, sending a message of love and self-expression.

03 Darf ich das Thema Monetarisierung ansprechen?

I started off the company by myself with a couple thousand euros. I tested the product and quickly found out there was a potential. I made the decision to invest all of my gains in R&D.

Currently, we are surviving on our second round of investments (medium sized) and through our current sales. Sales are healthy during the summer season, but the summer is short in Berlin and reaching an international market is a must in the next year. For that reason, I am entering the 3rd round of investment after the summer for 2018. With a lucrative business like this, we are confident on finding the right partners and business angels to help us grow.



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04 Wie kann man Euch unterstützen? 

Currently the only way to support us is by sharing the company online, buying our ice lollies when you see them and if you know a business angel send us our way.

We ask our clients to use the hashtag #lustyice when they post the product online (which more than half already do). So make sure to do that if you can.

Fotos: Hustlebush (Photographie), Fuchs (Photographie) und Glitzerklub (artistic direction)

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