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Podcast – Meet JAM – Just Add Music, a hidden champion of the Berlin startup scene

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Our Partner talks in this interview to Rory Kenny (, who is CEO of JAM – Just Add Music

( a hidden champion of the Berlin startup scene.
JAM is sometimes described as the Instagram of music because you can create music in their app the same way you create a photo in the Instagram app. Rory gives us some exclusive insights into JAM, including numbers and the company’s intention to raise venture capital.
During the interview, Joe and Rory are discussing the missing differentiation between the streaming services like Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music. Rory gives his view on why JAM is different here.

Rory also gives a few numbers, why JAM is a hidden champion. They have more than 2 million monthly active users and 15.000 new users are acquired organically to sign up every month. JAM has a “quite large” user base in the USA, but their fastest growing markets are South America, Russia, and India.

Before being hired as CEO of JAM, he was with TripAdvisor, Orange, and other companies. Rory does not fluently speak German but is getting around well in Berlin. He was also the lead singer of a hard rock band in his native Montreal. Exclusively Rory states in our interview, that JAM is looking for venture capital funding towards the end of the year. Some data, Rory gives out during the interview – Called the „Instagram of music“ – 2.000.000 monthly active users – 5.000.000 members – 15.000 new members sign up each day Tune in to the interview, in order to learn more.


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Stefan Kny
Stefan Kny schreibt über die Themen Acceleratoren und Mobility. Kontakt: stefan(at)


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