StartEventDB Pitch Infrastructure 4.0

DB Pitch Infrastructure 4.0

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Am 23.Juni fand „DB Pitch Infrastructure 4.0“ im betahaus statt.

Die Teilnehmer:

1st Batch
#Trainshopping – food order while travelling
#Splunk – linking and evaluation of big data
#KONUX – monitoring of railway geometry
#Spacebase – booking platfom event and seminar locations

2nd Batch

#Cabin Spacey – modular cabins on railways
#Senvisys – innovative railway detection system
#Swocket – smart light control for infrastructure
#Smartlane – platform for handling big data

3rd Batch – turning free WiFi into advertising platforms
#INABE – indoor navigation with individualised advertisement
#Consulting Partners – marketplace for freight traffic capacities

Stefan Kny
Stefan Kny schreibt über die Themen Acceleratoren und Mobility. Kontakt: stefan(at)

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