Hicky uses blockchain technology to revolutionise online dating

Hicky, the Blockchain Dating App, announces its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on Valentine’s Day
(February 14). When it comes to relationships, trust is the most important element. In online
dating, one must trust that the uploaded information is not misused by the platform and that
the information about others is true. With Hicky, all users are “real” as they require a form of
biometric verification using voice recognition and face scan technology. This data is then
encrypted and stored using in a decentralised database. This means that the uploaded
information can only be accessed and shared by the user.

Due to Hicky’s user verification, women are more inclined to join the app as they can be sure
that the person they are speaking to is not some sort of creep. Furthermore, the platform
uses the Hicky token in order to align incentives between users and platform. When conflicts
arise, the community will be engaged to solve these. Users are involved in conflict resolution
will be paid in Hicky tokens, while users that have caused the conflict must pay. This ensures
that all parties will behave well on the platform.

Both the verification mechanisms and the underlying token economy in Hicky prevent the
creation of fake accounts or spam as the cost of these activities outweigh the potential
benefits. This creates an overall more trusted and effective network in which the incentives
of all parties involved are aligned. Hicky takes the best of both the physical and the digital
world to create a superior dating experience.

Hicky has strong partners including NAGA Group AG, a German stock market listed company
as well as a former Tinder executive in the advisory board. They will be releasing the first
version of the app in the coming weeks.

“Online Dating is broken and we are on a mission to healing it. Hicky redefines online
dating by merging online possibilities with offline realities – creating a platform that

offers the best of both worlds”
– Kian Schreiber (

“The online dating experience is ruined by those who abuse the system, Hicky has the ability

to remove the negative aspects of online dating.”
– Hermione Way (Advisor and former Executive at Tinder)